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Tutor2U - Monopoly Power?

As an avid follower of Jim and Geoff Riley and their website Tutor2U ever since they first started changing the landscape of business and economics teaching, their decision to exclude TeachingBusiness from posting an article about the UK housing market and instead to completely ban me from their Facebook group without so much of an explanation is evidence that they have perhaps become too powerful within the market and are now exhibiting monopoly power.

I am a sole teacher of business and economics resources not some large national company capable of churning out resources for most subject areas. The fact that they feel threatened is perhaps credit to what I am trying to do as there has been a noticeable rise in prices across the years but I am certainly no threat to them and never intended to be. However, they have established barriers to entry to the market and are highly protective of anyone else even trying to offer an alternative option. Competition within the market is healthy and provides teachers and students with viable alternatives. Perhaps it is time now for them to reassess their position instead of becoming a case study for monopoly power?!

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