A Level Business Maths & Notes Workbook

A Level Business Maths & Notes Workbook


This latest publication from Teaching Business provides an invaluable resource to support the delivery of many of the quantitative skills required. This 100+ page booklet contains extensive practice exercises, solutions and additional supporting notes. This should help to consolidate student understanding within the classroom and provides much needed additional practice of quantitative skills. Specific topics covered include, cash flow forecasting, break-even analysis, decision trees, critical path analysis, special order decisions, sales forecasting (moving averages), investment appraisal, balance sheets, income statements, financial ratios, price and income elasticity, straight line depreciation and budgeting variances. This updated version has added supplementary theory notes and has now added cash flow, extended coverage of financial ratios to incorporate financial efficiency and break-even analysis.

  • File Licence

    Purchase a file licence to enable these notes to be photocopied and freely used within an educational establishment.  The licence will also provide the user with a CD copy of the notes and this will include an editable version of the material.  Please email for further details.



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