AQA A Level Business Unit 10 - Managing Strategic Change

AQA A Level Business Unit 10 - Managing Strategic Change


This bundle of four PowerPoint and revision note topics, provides students with an indepth understanding of core areas relating to Unit 10 of the AQA A Level Business specification.


The pack contains notes abouts managing change, managing organisational culture, managing strategic implementation and concludes with the problems of strategy and why strategies fail.


Specific topic areas include:


The causes of and pressures for change

Disruptive change

Incremental change

Lewin’s Force Field Analysis

The value of change

The value of a flexible organisational model



Organic v mechanistic structures

Knowledge and information management

Barriers to change

Kotter and Schlesinger’s models

The importance of organisational culture

Handy’s cultural models

Hofstede’s national culture models

Influences on organisational culture

Problems of changing culture

How to implement strategic change

Leadership and strategic change

Communication and strategic change

Network analysis

Critical path analysis

Strategic drift

Planned and emergent strategies

Divorce of ownership and control

The value of strategic planning

Contingency planning


Given the inclusion of student revision notes, this pack represents excellent value for money and saves teachers hours of time in preparing notes.