AQA A Level Business UNIT 3 - Decision Making to Improve Marketing Performance

AQA A Level Business UNIT 3 - Decision Making to Improve Marketing Performance


A 4 part resource that includes detailed teacher PowerPoint resources covering Unit 3 of the A Level Business course.


PowerPoints include:

•Setting marketing objectives
•Understanding markets and customers
•Segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP)
•Using the marketing mix


Specific topic areas include:


The value of setting marketing objectives

Sales volume and sales value

Market size

Market and sales growth

Market share

Brand loyalty

External and internal influences on marketing objectives

Primary and secondary market research

Qualitative and quantitative data

Market mapping

The value of sampling

The interpretation of marketing data

Positive and negative correlation

Confidence intervals

Understanding extrapolation

Data and technology

Price and income elasticity

The process and value of segmentation, targeting and positioning

Demographic, geographic, income and behavioural segmentation

Niche and mass marketing

7P's of marketing

Product decisions

Pricing decisions

Distribution decisions

The promotional mix

The Boston Matrix and the Product Life Cycle

Digital marketing and e-commerce


Each presentation contains extensive, detailed notes that are specific to the exam requirements of the AQA. These resources are designed to be engaging and accessible and all contain the Quick Fire Five knowledge questions, a short objective test and an essay practice (all with suggested solutions).


In addition, each presentation is accompanied with a FREE student revision notes handout to assist with the delivery of the material.