AQA A Level Business UNIT 5 - Decision Making to Improve Financial Performance

AQA A Level Business UNIT 5 - Decision Making to Improve Financial Performance


A 4 part resource that includes detailed teacher PowerPoint resources covering Unit 5 of the A Level Business course.


PowerPoints include:

•Setting Financial Objectives
•Analysing Financial Performance
•Sources of Finance
•Improving Cash Flow and Profits


Specific topic areas include:


The value of financial objectives

The distinction between cash flow and profit

Gross profit, operating profit and profit for the year

Revenue, costs and profit objectives

Cash flow objectives

Capital structure and capital investment

External and internal influences on financial objectives

Analysing budgets

Variance analysis

The value of budgeting

Cash flow forecasting

Break-even analysis

Break-even charts

Contribution and total contribution

Analysing profit and profitability

Profit margin calculations

Internal and external sources of finance

Methods of improving cash flow and profitability

Debt factoring

Share capital

Venture capital


Each presentation contains extensive, detailed notes that are specific to the exam requirements of the AQA. These resources are designed to be engaging and accessible and all contain the Quick Fire Five knowledge questions, a short objective test and an essay practice (all with suggested solutions).


In addition, each presentation is accompanied with a FREE student revision notes handout to assist with the delivery of the material.



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