AQA A Level Business UNIT 6 - Decisions to Improve Human Resource Performance

AQA A Level Business UNIT 6 - Decisions to Improve Human Resource Performance


A 5 part resource that includes detailed teacher PowerPoint resources covering Unit 6 of the A Level Business course.


PowerPoints include:

•Setting Human Resource Objectives
•Analysing Human Resource Performance
•Improving Organisational Design and Human Resource Flow
•Improving Motivation and Engagement
•Improving Employer-Employee Relations


Specific topic areas include:


The value of setting human resource objectives

Employee engagement and involvement

Training, diversity, and talent development

Alignment of values

Hard and Soft HRM approaches

Calculating and interpreting human resource data

Labour productivity

Labour cost per unit

Labour turnover

Job design

Hackman and Oldham's model

Organisational design

Centralisation and decentralisation

Human resource plan

Redeployment, redundancies and recruitment

Motivational theory (Maslow, Herzberg, Taylor)

Financial and non-financial motivation

Employer-employee relations

Trade unions

Works councils



Each presentation contains extensive, detailed notes that are specific to the exam requirements of the AQA. These resources are designed to be engaging and accessible and all contain the Quick Fire Five knowledge questions, a short objective test and an essay practice (all with suggested solutions).


In addition, each presentation is accompanied with a FREE student revision notes handout to assist with the delivery of the material.