AQA A Level Unit 4 - Decision Making to Improve Operational Performance

AQA A Level Unit 4 - Decision Making to Improve Operational Performance


A 5 part resource that includes detailed teacher PowerPoint resources covering Unit 4 of the A Level Business course.


PowerPoints include:

•Setting operational objectives
•Analysing operational performance
•Increasing efficiency and productivity
•Improving quality
•Managing inventory and supply chains


Specific topic areas include:


The value of operational objectives

Speed of response and flexibility


Added value

Costs and quality

Environmental objectives

Labour productivity 

Unit costs

Capacity and capacity utilisation

Operational data and planning

Efficiency and labour productivity

The benefits and difficulties of lean production 

Optimal resource mix

Utilising capacity

Technology and operations

The importance of quality

The consequences of poor quality

Improving quality

Flexibility and mass customisation

Matching supply and demand

Influences on inventory levels

Inventory control charts

Influences on the choice of suppliers

Managing the supply chain

The value of outsourcing


Each presentation contains extensive, detailed notes that are specific to the exam requirements of the AQA. These resources are designed to be engaging and accessible and all contain the Quick Fire Five knowledge questions, a short objective test and an essay practice (all with suggested solutions).


In addition, each presentation is accompanied with a FREE student revision notes handout to assist with the delivery of the material.