Eduqas Component 3 - Globalisation

Eduqas Component 3 - Globalisation


The latest in the new series of PowerPoint resources aimed at assisting teachers with the delivery of the WJEC/Eduqas A-level Business specification but is suitable for all boards. These slides and hand out are designed to support the delivery of the Component Three topic of globalisation. A colourful, detailed and accessible resource that is tailored to meeting the academic demands of most A Level specifications. They consider nature of globalisation and global markets, and look at their impact upon developing/emerging economies.  The presentation then considers market deregulation, the internet, improved communications and cheaper transportation as contributing reasons for the rise of globalisation during the past few decades.  It then considers the role of the WTO and examines global branding, how firms target new markets and the impact of glocalisation, before evaluating the overall effects of globalisation upon the UK economy and businesses.  It finally considers the reasons for the development of MNCs and the benefits and drawbacks of multinational corporations for host nations. The slides contain the Quick Fire Five questions and also a practice essay (both with suggested solutions). In addition to the main PowerPoint a PDF copy of the notes has been provided to assist with pupil hand outs.



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