Eduqas Component Two: Business Analysis and Strategy (PowerPoint Pack)

Eduqas Component Two: Business Analysis and Strategy (PowerPoint Pack)


A complete and comprehensive series of teacher PowerPoint resources designed to complement the second year teaching of Component Two (Business Analysis and Strategy) which forms the basis for Paper 2 of the A Level Business qualification. These slides have been designed from the ground-up with a specific focus upon the specification requirements of the WJEC/Eduqas A Level in Business.


With a limited textbook offering from the main publishing houses, these resources provide teachers with time-saving quality materials in one single easy to use PowerPoint that include detailed notes, videos, practice calculations, Quick Fire Five knowledge and essay practice questions, all with suggested solutions. They are designed to offer quality and excellent value for money.


The 429 slides cover the following areas:


Data and Market Analysis; Sales Forecasting; Budgeting; Balance Sheets; Financial Ratios; Business Aims and Objectives; Strategic Analysis (Porter, Ansoff and SWOT), Business Growth; Decision Tree Analysis; Cost-Benefit Analysis; Critical Path Analysis; Investment Appraisal Techniques and Special Order Decisions.