Eduqas PowerPoint Balance Sheets

Eduqas PowerPoint Balance Sheets


The latest in the new series of PowerPoint resources aimed at assisting teachers with the delivery of the WJEC/Eduqas A-level Business specification but is suitable for all boards. These slides and hand out are designed to support the delivery of the Component Two topic of the balance sheet. A colourful, detailed and accessible resource that is tailored to meeting the academic demands of most A Level specifications. These notes and Power Point presentation analyse all aspects of one of the key financial accounts. They consider the use of the balance sheet by stakeholders; the key component elements of the account and how it is calculated; the importance of working capital and liquidity; how and why financial accounts are window dressed; how and why non-current assets are depreciated using the straight line method and finally it evaluates non-financial measures of business success such as the triple bottom line by Elkington and the growing importance of social accounting . The slides contain the Quick Fire Five questions, practice calculation questions and also a practice essay (all with suggested solutions).



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