Eduqas PowerPoint Costs and Breakeven

Eduqas PowerPoint Costs and Breakeven


The latest in the new series of PowerPoint resources aimed at assisting teachers with the delivery of the WJEC/Eduqas A-level Business specification but is suitable for all boards. These slides and hand out are designed to support the delivery of the Component One topic of costs and break-even analysis. They explain what is meant by costs, revenue and profit and identify the costs that a business face, including fixed, variable, semi-variable, direct, indirect and total costs. They proceed to explain what is meant by contribution and break-even and show the means of calculating contribution and using the formula to help calculate break-even. The pack finally shows how break-even charts are constructed and interpreted (including the margin of safety) and illustrate the impact of changing costs and revenues upon the chart before evaluating the usefulness of break-even as a technique. The slides contain the Quick Fire Five questions, calculation practice questions and also a practice essay (all with suggested solutions).



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