Eduqas PowerPoint Motivation

Eduqas PowerPoint Motivation


The latest in the new series of PowerPoint resources aimed at assisting teachers with the delivery of the WJEC/Eduqas A-level Business specification (but are suitable for all boards). These slides and hand out are designed to support the delivery of the Component One topic of motivation. They explain the benefits of a motivated workforce and then examine the motivational theories of FW Taylor (Scientific Managament), Elton Mayo (Human Relations), Abraham Maslow(Hierarchy of Needs), Frederick Herzberg(Two Factor Theory), Victor Vroom and finish with Porter and Lawler (Expectancy Theory). Financial methods of motivation are then considered with a focus upon piece rate, commission, bonus, salary, profit sharing, share ownership and performance related pay. Finally it examines non-financial means of motivation with a look at consultation, job design, job enlargement, job rotation, job enrichment, empowerment, team working and flexible working. It concludes with an evaluation of the impact of a motivated workforce upon a business. The slides contain the Quick Fire Five questions and also a practice essay (both with solutions).



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