AQA A Level Business Unit 1 - What is a Business?

AQA A Level Business Unit 1 - What is a Business?


A 3 part resource that includes detailed teacher PowerPoint resources covering Unit 1 of the AS Business course.  The pack contains notes abouts understanding the nature and purpose of business; understanding different business forms and understanding that businessses operate within an external environment.


Specific topic areas include:


Business Objectives

Relationship between Mission and Objectives

Why Business Set Objectives

The Measurement and Importance of Profit

Different Forms of Business

Private and Public Limited Companies

Sole Traders and Partnerships

Non-Profit Organisations

Unlimited and Limited Liability

Share Capital

Market Capitalisation


Impact of Shareholders on a Business


Market Conditions


Environmental Issues and Fair Trade

Interest Rates



Each presentation contains extensive, detailed notes that are specific to the exam requirements of the AQA. These resources are designed to be engaging and accessible and all contain the Quick Fire Five knowledge questions, a short objective test and an essay practice (all with suggested solutions).


In addition, each presentation is accompanied with a FREE student revision notes handout to assist with the delivery of the material.