AQA Business - Economic Change

AQA Business - Economic Change


A new range of materials aimed at supporting teachers of the AQA A Level in Business. This presentation is designed to cover the topic of managing organisational culture by businesses and has been adapted to meet the specific requirements of the AQA specification. The presentation considers the impact of changes in the UK and the global economic environment on strategic and functional decision making. Specific areas that are examined by the pack include GDP, taxation, exchange rates, inflation, fiscal and monetary policy and the implications of a more open style of trade (free trade) v protectionism. The pack includes a variety of charts and tables to enable students to practice their analysis of real data as per the examination requirements. The pack concludes with a detailed examination of globalisation. It considers the reasons for greater globalisation, the importance of globalisation and finally the importance of emerging economies for business. The pack contains the Quick Fire Five knowledge questions, a short objective test and an essay question all complete with suggested answers.



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