AQA Business - Improving Motivation and Engagement

AQA Business - Improving Motivation and Engagement


A new range of materials aimed at supporting teachers of the AQA A Level in Business. This presentation is designed to cover the topic of improving motivation and employee engagement. It starts with a consideration of the benefits of motivated and engaged staff and specifically considers the theories of Taylor, Maslow and Herzberg but then in addition also adds in the theories of Mayo and Vroom. It then examines how to improve employee engagement and looks at some of the main financial methods of motivating staff including the use of piece rate, commission, salary schemes and performance-related pay. The use of non-financial methods of motivation are also examined including another look at Hackman and Oldham’s job design model, job rotation, job enrichment and empowerment. The presentation concludes with an examination of key influences on the choice and effectiveness of financial and non-financial reward systems. The pack contains the Quick Fire Five knowledge questions, a short objective test, and an essay question all complete with suggested answers.



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